What Is Documentary Photography? – Paul Rogers – PBP19

What Is Documentary Photography? - Paul Rogers - PBP19

What Is Documentary Photography? – Paul Rogers – PBP19

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In This Episode

In episode 19, I talk with Paul Rogers who is a UK based documentary wedding photographer who creates amazing impactful stories with his work. He has more than 20 years of experience as a photojournalist for The Times Newspaper, various magazines, and other publications covering stories of everything from fashion, royalty, celebrities, and even conflicts.

There’s always a lot of conversation among photographers on terms such as documentary, photojournalism, candid, lifestyle, etc referring to either the style or the approach a photographer takes toward their work. Regardless of whether you are a wedding photographer or really any other type of photographer and are at all interested in storytelling, I think you’ll love this episode.


Just A Few Things In This Conversation

  • What is documentary photography
  • What makes it different than other types of photography
  • How to get started approaching your work in a documentary fashion


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