Pursuing Your Passion With Aaron Craker – Fredrick The Younger- PBP17

Pursuing Your With Aaron Craker Fredrick The Younger Passion Photo Bar Podcast Episode 17

Pursuing Your Passion With Aaron Craker – PBP17

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In This Episode

Pursuing your passion can be scary for anyone, especially when you are older. In this episode, I talk with my childhood friend Aaron Craker who’s a musician from Louisville, Kentucky. Music, much like photography, is a highly competitive industry and not always easy to make it as a full-time living. We have a casual chat about his progression and career in music which has a lot of similarities to photography. 


Just A Few Things In This Conversation

  • What Aaron’s progression has been in music
  • Where Aaron finds creative inspiration
  • How and why Aaron decided to quit his job to pursue music
  • What Aaron’s creative cycle looks like and how he deals with the highs and lows


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Beers In This Episode

Matt’s Beer

Beer: SPF 50/50 IPA Radler – 4.2% ALC

Brewing Company: Red Hare – Georgia/US

Our Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Notes: A light, refreshing blend of Gangway IPA and their house brewed sparkling grapefruit soda. Sweet grapefruit zest mingles perfectly with citrusy hop notes. Perfect as a chill summer beer option.

Aaron’s Beer

Beer: Sho’ Nuff – 4% ALC

Brewing Company: Against The Grain Brewery – Kentucky/US

Our Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Notes: A smooth malty body with hints of biscuit and rye. The hops are subdued and mostly present as a bittering agent. The yeast plays a prominent role in creating bready and lightly fruity notes.


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