Eating And Dealing With Uncle Bob At Weddings – PBP009

Eating And Dealing With Uncle Bob At Weddings - PBP009

Eating And Dealing With Uncle Bob At Weddings – PBP009

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In this episode, we discuss dealing with Uncle Bob type photographers and eating during a wedding day.

Just A Few Things In This Conversation

How to deal with Uncle Bob types during weddings

Things to do and not to do when dealing with Uncle Bobs

If, when, and how we eat during wedding days

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Beers In This Episode

Matt’s Beer

Best Damn Cream Soda by Best Damn Brewing Company on The Photo Bar Podcast

Beer: Best Damn Cream Soda

Brewing Company: Best Damn Brewing Company

Star Rating: 2 out of 5

NotesPours clear, golden-amber with a minimal off-white head. Vanilla cola aroma. Taste is hideously sweet vanilla….and strangely, almost a barrel-aged alcohol note. It was too sweet for my liking overall. It started out good, but halfway through I couldn’t even finish it.

Amanda’s Beer

Southern Prohibition Brewing Company Belgian-Style Tripel on The Photo Bar Podcast

Beer: Belgian-Style Tripel

Brewing Company: Southern Prohibition Brewing Company

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 (Probably 5 actually)

Notes: Smooth with a barely noticeable heat from the 9% alcohol content. Subtle flavors of banana, clove, and spices, but really balanced and not overpowering. Way too drinkable. Possibly habit forming.

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